Easter Hoppenings

Happy Easter! We almost always celebrate Easter with at least one of our kids, but this year no one will be going anywhere. It will be just the two of us.  Easter will still be celebrated but in a slightly different way. We will attend Easter Mass from the comfort of our home and make a special meal for two for Easter Sunday.  We will most likely zoom with our family to check in on everyone and life will go on.

A few weeks ago when I realized and accepted this new reality I went into overdrive to get together a couple of Easter boxes to send to our grandkids. I knew it would be difficult to fill not being able to go to Target or scavenger other stores for goodies so it would be simple and heartfelt.

Scouring Pinterest for ideas, I decided to crochet bunnies for the kids. Having four grandkids and one on the way in just a couple weeks, I knew I had to find a simple pattern that I could finish quickly so they would get it before Easter. I found this pattern from The Crafty Concept called the Ava Bunny on Pinterest.  She does such a fantastic job explaining it and also has video clips to click into if you are having trouble on certain spots.

I started following Ashley from The Crafty Concept on Instagram and am so impressed by her entrepreneurial business sense, creativity and crochet skills at such a young age!  She is often in her natural state, not all made up for the camera and no filters.  I love that. And she has some pretty awesome patterns.  Check her out!img_0061

Back to the bunnies.  For the new baby I made this adorable ragdoll bunny out of soft and cozy yarn in pastel colors that compliment her new room.  I actually bought this crochet pattern from Etsy from A la Sascha.  She has such a sweet face with eyelashes and stuffed paws.   I hated to see her go into the box but I hope that my new granddaughter will love her just as much as I do. This one was a little more labor intensive (more parts) but overall took me just two days to finish (on and off).

For the other four kids, ranging in ages from 18 months to 6 years old, I made the Ava Bunny. I was fun to pick colors that I thought would suit their personalities.  I added little pom pom tails on the girl bunnies, but they are just as cute without them.

One of my favorite things to do with my grandkids is to make cookies.  I decided to put together a jar of M&M oatmeal cookie mix so that they could make them at home and take pictures.  I started the cookies and they will finish them. It will have to do until we can do it in person in a month or so.

A few fruit snacks, Dum Dum lollipops, modeling clay, Hubba Bubba bubble gum (for the older kids), sun catcher paint kits and Easter eggs filled with dollar bills finished up the box.  It doesn’t contain a lot but it is filled with lots of love.img_0067

My daughter facetimed me when they received the box so I could see their expression when they opened it. There is nothing that makes me happier than to see the excitement and anticipation. Charlotte was mostly interested in the lollipop, it didn’t take Ben long to have a blue tongue from his lollipop of choice and Addy was trying to teach her younger siblings that you need to “read the card” first.

I just knew Addy would pick the teal bunny with the sparkle yarn and Ben immediately grabbed the gray bunny, just like he knew it always belonged to him. Charlotte has the same little button nose as her bunny. William safely got is bunny and will watch over the blanket bunny until his little sister will join him in a couple weeks.

I’m so looking forward to getting together with everyone again, but until then, make the most of this unexpected gift of time, keep safe and have a wonderful Easter!