About Me & Why Me

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown

Hello! I am a firm believer that things line up to lead you to the path you were meant to

Me, my husband and granddaughter.

follow.  It’s taken thirty years to get here, but all my experiences, jobs, and travels have led me to this decision to open my own business.  I grew up in a family of six girls in a small house in rural Minnesota.  We didn’t have much. I learned to sew because my mom sewed and if I wanted new clothes, which I loved, I had to sew them.  I would rearrange my shared bedroom and decorate it with limited resources and basically no income.  We used things like clothe pins, empty plastic can holders and old thread spools and a little spray paint to create something new and exciting for the walls.  After getting my degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management, I married my high school love and was whisked off to Yuma, AZ to begin my life as a military wife.  We started our family and traveled to sixteen different duty stations and twenty different houses in the last thirty years. That’s a lot of apartments and houses to pack up, unpack, decorate, and rearrange.  My motto was, and still is today, that I felt like I was truly home when I could put my curtains up.  That is where my love of window treatments began. Of course, because of my limited resources as a military spouse, I resorted to my love of fabric and sewing to construct fabulous window treatments, pillows, cushions to make my house a home that truly reflected me.

Throughout these moves, I also held actual jobs, mostly in office environments where attention to detail and organization were valued.  In almost every instance I was hired to create a position that did not exist in environments that required strong attention to customer service.  This required organization, a vision, a plan and implementation. I also have three children, two married, one in college, one granddaughter and a grandson.

When I became an empty nester, my husband and I found ourselves, moving once again after being in our home in Chapel Hill for eleven years due to a job relocation.  I had been at my last job for over ten years and felt like I might retire there. But once again, the path was leading us away.  I again used this opportunity for good.  I took the time to purge our stuff. I was determined to do with less. You collect a lot things without realizing it over the years, when you don’t move around.  I once again had a blank canvas to work my magic.

We have had a small cottage retreat at Smith Mountain Lake for the last nine years. To say it was a fixer upper is an understatement.  We put a little sweat labor into it, hired some work out and today we enjoy meeting family and friends at the lake house on weekends and holidays.    Our path and dreams are leading us to this beautiful area on a permanent basis.

I finally realized that all my experiences, passions, strengths have led me to the decision to open a business to help others experience the same freedom from letting go of stuff, having things in order, showcasing what is really important without breaking the bank therefore allowing them to have the time to focus on things that really matter to them in their lives.

Thank you for reading this page and getting to know me.




4 thoughts on “About Me & Why Me

  1. Congratulations Denise!! I still remember your business plan for “Sew What!” while you were in college. I have always admired (been jealous of) your creative abilities, and I think all of Mom’s talent landed in your genes, and the rest of got nothing!! Just kidding of course– in case the other sisters eventually read this! Best of luck on your new business venture- I know you will do great! I only wish we lived closer to each other so I could hire you to do my house and cabin!! Thanks for sharing this site with me- it is a day brightener for sure, when I needed my spirits lifted. (As a reminder…don’t put off inventorying your jewelry!) Love you lots, big sister!! Your littlest sister, Janelle


  2. Congratulations Denise!! I know you have been talking about this for awhile and now it’s becoming a reality! You always inspire me and couldn’t be prouder!!


    1. Thanks Jeri! If only you lived closer, we could partner!! Maybe someday. Keep following. We are in the process of a couple of moves and when things settle down I will really be able to push this harder. I have move “projects” than I have time for right now. Happy early Birthday!


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