Process & Services

Step by Step

Slipcovers by Denise are custom fitted to your unique furniture.  Because of this I require your furniture on hand to complete the project.   I offer a free in-home consultation.  Below is the process you can expect when you are deciding on going with a slipcover.

  1. Send me pictures of your furniture (front, side and back angles).  This will allow me to give you a ballpark quote on the labor cost of your project and a ballpark for the fabric yardage.
  2. If you decide to go forward based on this investment, we will set up a free initial in-home consultation. I will take measurements, discuss fabric selections, and design details.  Adding skirts, prewashing fabric, pattern matching and other design elements as well as working on a project outside a 45-minute radius from my workroom could add additional fees to your project.
  3. I will send a formal estimate with exact fabric yardage requirements to you.
  4. Fabric is ordered by either you or me. If I order it, full payment of fabric is required through either check or Venmo prior to ordering.
  5. Once the fabric is ordered I will put you on my “next in line” list. Jobs are scheduled based on when the furniture and fabric are available and fit into my schedule.
  6. Prewashing fabric needs to be done prior to construction if you chose a fabric that is washable and would like to wash your slipcovers in the future. I can do this for a nominal charge. If you do it, please follow my instructions that will be provided based on your specific fabric content.
  7. I allow a week for each piece of furniture to ensure enough time is dedicated to making your slipcover to your specifications and to my quality and details requirements.
  8. Once your slipcover is done, I will send you a final invoice. Payment is required when the furniture is delivered or picked up. I accept checks or Venmo.

Fabric Selection

Choosing the right fabric is very important when making a slipcover.   Please consult me before purchasing your fabric to ensure it is suitable for a slipcover and you have ordered the correct amount based on the pattern and design.  In choosing a fabric you will want to be sure to choose one that will not only cover the color or pattern of your upholstered piece but one that has good drape, wash-ability and wear or rub number of 15,000-50,000.

Some favorite fabrics that work well for slipcovers are heavier linen, linen blends, medium weight cottons, denims, twill, duck cloth, canvas.   The weight of the fabric is important too.  Be sure to look for fabrics between 10-14 oz. depending on the fabric type.  It should also be at least 54” wide.  Stripes, patterns, weaves, and naps all can affect how much fabric you need and if it makes it appropriate or not for a slipcover.

  • Custom fit slipcovers for wingbacks, arm chairs, side chairs, parson chairs, chaise lounges, ottomans, stools, and more!
  • Help in finding the right fabric for your project

Outdoor Cushions & Pillows

  • Outdoor cushions, bench cushions, window seats, chairs
  • Euro, bolsters, all shapes and sizes, custom pillow cases
  • Cushion insert updates (added foam & Dacron wrap to fluff up)