April Showers and Trey

Living up to its name, April was a very rainy month…actually torrential!  We did a lot of spring yard work and a few house projects but nothing that can’t wait until next month to talk about. Instead I want to talk about Trey.TE

Trey is my fifteen year old nephew.  Trey will always be my fifteen year old nephew as he lost his battle with leukemia after a valiant eleven month fight.  In witnessing his incredible determination and positive attitude, and the unwavering love and support of his family and  friends, you can’t help but look at life a little differently.  Following are some themes that resonated with me and I think worth mentioning.

Family     Don’t pass an opportunity to spend time with family or to tell and show them how you feel.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Reach out to someone who may need a hug or even a smile.  Call and actually talk to family members or write a letter instead of a text.   Be the spark that starts the fire when it comes to love and good instead of negativity and fights.IMG_1224

Time    Is there something you’ve been wanting to do?  Why wait?  I’ve learned that no one is immune to sickness and loss.  It can happen to anyone at anytime.  No one is promised tomorrow or next year so if there is something you feel compelled to do….why not do it or make plans to.  Live your life fearlessly and with purpose. Start a “Wish List” or “Life List” of things you have always wanted to do and see….and start doing them.

Forgiveness     Let go of what happened in the past and don’t let it affect/infect your future.   So much time and energy is wasted on holding onto grudges that keeps you stuck in the past.  Learn from it and then let it go, forgive and move on.  A weight will be lifted for you and allow you to live your life more fully and purposefully.

Faith       The older I get the more I appreciate my faith and lean on it to get me through these seemingly senseless losses.  My faith gives me the hope of seeing my loved ones again in heaven and I am comforted by the fact that they are happy and watching over us.

Get Involved     When we attended the Rainbow of Heroes Walk for bone marrow transplant the day after Trey’s funeral, it was never more evident how important marrow or organ donations are.   To see the amount of people who are touched by this selfless act and how much they depend on it for survival and hope is amazing.  If you can…help.   http://join.bethematch.org/swab

As for me, I will try to live my life with purpose and will always keep Trey as my guiding beacon to keep me on track.




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