New Look for a New Home

Unlike my ugly gold chair from a previous post, this chair didn’t start out so bad.  It is a well-made, fairly new, comfortable and a fun-printed chair, but in its new home it seemed too bold and wild for the space.  I wanted to create a clean fresh color palette.  In a sincere desire to reuse and repurpose what I have I needed to work with some of the bigger items that I have in my house like the brown leather couch. I decided to go with a lake color scheme of blue and cream with pops of color (I just love red).  We’ll see how that goes, it usually changes as I go and things just sort of evolve and fall into place.

I again used the drop cloth from Lowe’s for my fabric choice, but to kick it up a notch, I trimmed it with a blue denim colored piping.  Since the back of the chair would be visible when you walk into the house, I wanted to make the back closure a little more special than a zippered closure.IMG_5391

In keeping with the clean lines look, I constructed an overlapping back closure banded with the same blue denim fabric.  I covered buttons with the same fabric for the button closure. I completed the chair by sewing the same width of blue band around the entire bottom of the chair, just for fun.

  I love it, and the best part is that it is super easy to get on and off for cleaning.   I pre-shrunk the drop cloth twice so it should wash beautifully and fit like a charm.  What do you think?

 ‘Till next time~ Denise

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