The Chair With a Purpose

IMG_2915Admit it, this is an ugly chair! I bought it several years ago for under twenty dollars but it had “potential”, good bones and was comfortable! It was just an ugly throwback mustard yellow.  After several years of putting it in a corner and collecting dust, when the opportunity came along to keep it in the family I donated it to Megan and Ryan for their first house to fill a space or corner.  It eventually became the chair my daughter said was perfect for feeding Addy when she came along a few years later. Comfortable.  But it has seen better days. Apparently their cat, Keller, also loves the chair and has used it for a scratching post making the already ugly upholstery even worse, if that was possible.

Recently we were at my daughter Megan’s house in Charlotte, NC to celebrate our granddaughter turning two.  We cherished the time we had with them and especially getting closer to Addison.  As much as I complain about social media and technology, which I personally can’t live without either, it is wonderful how it has helped us stay in touch and establish a recognition with our granddaughter even though we are a state away.   

While there I worked on that ugly chair.   Our grandson is due to arrive in a few weeks so I thought this would be the perfect time for its transformation.  Somehow I felt a connection to that chair, felt like it had some life left in it and I wanted Megan to have a comfortable chair to feed him as well.  I always knew I wanted to reupholster or slipcover it and I needed another practice piece and this would give me just that. That chair sat through a couple of corners waiting patiently for me and the right time to make its transformation.

To save time, I made the cover for the seat cushion when my daughter and her family were visiting our lake house a couple of weeks prior.  I had prewashed the drop cloth, premade the cording and zipper panel so it would be a breeze.  Within two hours it was done. I could hardly wait to get my hands on the rest of the chair during our visit to Charlotte!

IMG_3206So over our three-day visit, during Addy’s nap time, early in the morning, late at night or whenever I could catch a moment I would cut, pin, fit, and sew piece by piece until I had the chair done, for the most part. I had intended for the back to have a zipper, however I didn’t bring the right length so to save time, I made a flap back with ties.  There are a few things left to do on my next visit which will be when my grandson is born.   I plan to put a six-inch flap of fabric behind the back closure to hide the mustard yellow that might peek through the opening, serge all the seams, finish the bottom of the chair with a pleated skirt to cover the legs a bit, and possibly sew a band of a “pop” trim around the whole chair.   

I am really pleased with how it turned out. It truly has transformed the look. It looks and feels comfortable and best of all is washable.  Now to keep the cat off of it.

More importantly though, on my next visit to Charlotte, I will be holding my new grandson, probably sitting in this very comfortable chair, out of the corner, proudly displayed in their family room updated and prepared in anticipation for him. And snuggling and spoiling my granddaughter.

Miss Addison


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