MCM Update

I have to admit I was super excited to be asked to work on this project. I was contacted by a interested party to make a pair of slipcovers for a set of inherited Mid Century Modern loveseats. Though this client lives about five hours away, she was willing to make the drive to the lake to bring me one of her loveseats, the fabric and another slipcover project she wanted me to work on.

The loveseat had the typical clean lines of a mid-century modern piece. From the orange tweed fabric to the signature tapered round legs, it was quintessential MCM. Love it. It would be fun to give this cool piece of furniture a new look. They just don’t make them like this anymore. Or maybe they do, just not as solid.

The fabric she chose for this project was a heavy upholstery-weight navy blue napped velvet feeling fabric. Not only did I have the challenge of working with such a heavy fabric, I would have to contend with a nap and a directional underlying design of the fabric. Challlenge accepted.

It was important to put directional arrows on the fabric so the nap ran the same way on all pieces. Otherwise the coloring would be different. Also, smooth going in one direction and rough the other.

She chose a contrast blue velvet for the accent cording. The busyness of the animal print really needed this break and the end result helped to show off the clean straight lines of the piece.

Navy blue velvet cording for contrast and definition

Since the cushions and foam were original, we decided to replace all the foam to make sure they would last another generation and give them more spring and comfort.

New foam and Dacron wrap to replace the old and tired original foam

All finished and ready to deliver.

Since we were going up to Maryland to visit our son and grandkids for Mother’s Day weekend, we offered to bring her completed projects to her. She lived in a new condo in downtown Alexandria so we had to bring it up to her in an elevator, but I was so glad we were able to do that so I could see the finished project in her living space. The color and design fit perfectly in her space, lifestyle and decor. It’s a super fun, casual and comfortable place to entertain.

In clients home

I have to admit that since moving to the lake full time, I have been making less slipcovers and more cushions. This was such a treat to do again to flex those slipcovering muscles.



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