Podcast Interview

When starting a new home business it can be a very lonely endeavor. Finding your “people” for support, guidance, information, education and experience can be challenging but it is so important. If you can learn from other’s mistakes and successes, why not? You can save a lot of time and money by doing so.

Shortly after starting my business back in 2016, I discovered the world of Podcasts. I subscribed to several interesting podcasts that would quench my desire for any and all information from all aspects of my business, from marketing to the creative ends. One in particular that caught my attention right away was the “Sew Much More Podcasts” by Ceil DiGugliamo. She interviewed small business owners in the soft home furnishings workroom arena. I would listen to these interviews with small workrooms while driving, while working and whenever I had some free time.

What I learned is that there are all kinds of workrooms. And though they were all different in many way, they all had some of the same things in common. They all had a unique story of how they began and started for the love of creating something beautiful. How they got there, their backgrounds and their stories are what makes them all unique and interesting. We can find a relatable element in every story.

It was through these podcasts that I found so much support and encouragement to keep going. That it was possible to make a business out of this desire to create beautiful home furnishings, doing something that I love and doing it on my timeline.

It felt like a “full circle” moment when I was asked to be a guest on this podcast. And though I was very nervous, I went outside my comfort zone and said “ok”.


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