Reimagining Vintage Heirlooms

The last job of the year is delivered, the house is decorated and cleaned, and the presents are wrapped. I finally had a few days before Christmas to get to some of the projects that I have been wanting to get to for some time.

The first project “redo” was this “vintage” crossstitched snowflake blanket that I started back in the late 1980’s. It was before the days of Pinterest, actually before the days of the computer, at least in our household! Hard to believe given how technologically advanced we are now days. Crazy. It’s actually even harder to believe that I made something that could be technically called “vintage”.

Cross-stitched Snowflake Blanket

Back in the day, before Pinterest and the internet, I actually scoured magazines for ideas. I found the pattern for this snowflake cross-stitch in either a Better Homes & Gardens or Woman’s Day most likely. It took me a couple years to make as I had two small kids at the time and was working full time. It was my little escape and cross-stitch at that time was my jam!

When I finally finished it I made it into a red plaid-backed lap blanket that would come out once a year at Christmastime and then put away until the next. I noticed after 35 years, that this sweet little blanket was getting a little pilly in the white spaces and really wanted to do something different with the snowflake motifs.

And now in 2020 and thanks to Pinterest, I found the perfect inspiration! I had some blue ticking fabric in stock so there was really no other investment except my time to make this sweet accent pillow that actually highlights the snowflake. It also allows me to make several, with 20 snowflakes in the blanket to recreate, so that I can give a little piece of this vintage handmade heirloom to my kids and grandkids.

Vintage reimagined snowflake pillow

The second piece I wanted to “redo” was a stamped Christmas scene kit that I bought in the late 80’s through a needlework magazine, The Creative Circle”. It came with all the thread and even the needle that I needed to complete the job. This one in particular was a fairly quick project that I just embellished different parts of the picture giving it three dimensional appearance. It highlighted the snow covered roofs, the lights on the tree, snow on trees and Santa’s sleigh.

For years it was framed in a lack-luster frame and hung on a wall at Christmastime. This year, it came off the wall and onto a chair where you can get up close and personal to see the details. Nothing less than red velvet was needed to back this idillic scene. A flat small red velvet flange with gathered corners perfectly frames this vintage Christmas favorite.

I have a few more embroidered and cross stitched pieces from earlier days that have been tucked in a crate for safe keeping. I think it’s time to reimagine them and see what new heirloom I can create.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful Christmas!