He Shed…She Shed

When we bought our lake house three years ago, the room above the garage was filled with all of our Christmas decorations, water toys, and stuff we just needed to go through and purge.  It was pretty much out of sight, out of mind.

Our goal was always to have a space that I could work on my crafts and slipcovers when I was at the lake, but also a space for my husband to work that was quiet for his video conferences in order for us to spend as much time at the lake as possible and to someday transition to full time.  After living in the house for the first year, it became apparent that we really needed the secluded extra space for us both to spread out and work without having to put everything away every weekend before we headed back north.  My husband wouldn’t have to worry about our dogs barking or pushing the door open during his meetings, and I wouldn’t have to put away my project every time we had a meal or someone came over, not to mention the occasional stepping on pins.

The project was fairly simple and straightforward.  We chose a Pergo floor in a Heathered Oak for the flooring and the same color of paint as in the main living area of the main house.  There wasn’t too much more to decide except the lighting.   

To add some interest, we splurged with a shiplap ceiling with beams to break up the length of the room.  I chose a white ceiling fan so as not to interfere with the view of the pretty  ceiling light fixture and my awesome craft table. 

The workroom space had a perfect cantilevered nook on both sides but instead of having built in cabinets, we purchased three 9-cubbie cubicles from Lowes which fit in the space perfectly.  I repurposed eight rusty colored baskets from another shelf that I had for years.  I spray painted the baskets white and using leftover gray linen fabric,  made basket liners to coordinate with a few more leather-looking gray storage boxes I purchased from Lowes.  These twelve baskets and boxes will allow for ample storage options for craft and sewing supplies.  

I picked up a set up matching cane-back chairs for twenty dollars for both!    I wasn’t sure what I would use them for at the time, but for that price, I thought I would use them as practice pieces.  But I found the perfect use for them as my work space table chairs.  Some new foam and funky fabric in a zebra print and I’m all set.  

This little loveseat is also something I picked up for close to nothing a long time ago.  In fact, it was one of my first slipcovers that I made. It would get it’s third and hopefully last facelift.  I wanted something fun and fancy for my workspace to sit on and dream, nap, write or just look out the front window at the front yard and sunset.

Can I just tell you about this awesome rug?   The space needed a large area rug and they are not cheap!   I really didn’t want to throw down $300-$400 on a large rug but I wanted something thick, comfortable and well-made.  By pure luck, we happened upon a twice a year rug sale at a local rug making company in Rocky Mount, VA.  Disappointed in their selection I actually noticed this large rolled up rug on our way out for sale by a group that support animal shelters.

   It looked like it might be the right size and they would sell it for $150.  I was willing to pay that, but upon a closer look, noticed a small hole in the rug.  I knew it would underneath the chairs and was not worried about it.  But when I asked if they would take less for it because of this hole, they said they would sell it for $50!   Can’t beat that.

My husband made a long pine work table to nestle nicely in the right side of the room cantilever.  It’s taken me two years, but I finally painted the bottom white and stained the top to match the floor and other work table. It is a perfect use of space to put my Cameo and embroidery machines. 

I bought this pair of comfortable used club chairs specifically for the center space in the bonus room to sit and watch TV in (see a previous post Bonus Chairs in Boucle for the details on this slipcover project). One of my many projects this spring (and while on “social distancing”) is to make a light blue linen blend summer set of slipcovers.

I can’t imagine not having this space.  When not used for my husband’s work or my creative space, it has also been a place to be able to sneak away to early in the morning to drink coffee and watch TV when the house is full. It has also accommodated overflow guests with an air mattress. I guess that is why they call it a BONUS room.

Take care and stay safe,