Brushed Denim Slipcovers

Stacked on top of each other in the back corner of a garage and saved for another house, another time and another space, these two arm chairs were ready for a fresh and classic update.

The very sturdy original chairs were upholstered in a gold paisley fabric that was thread barren on the arms. They also had a pretty formal appearance. Kimberly was looking for a solid, soft and casual look. She wanted the ability to move the chairs to different parts of her home. They could be together as a pair in a living room or be split to make a comfy reading spot in separate bedrooms.

This 12 oz. brushed denim from Carr Textiles in a simple soft white was the perfect color to blend into any room decor. Carr Textiles offers many options as far as fabric weight and color. Slipcovering two of these chairs with a skirt takes about 22 yards so at $6 a yard, this is a very feasible option.

Already pretty soft, prewashing this fabric to take out the rest of the shrinkage is definitely recommended and makes this slipcover washable in the future without any worry of not fitting. This durable brushed denim will last for a long time. Bonus… the more it is washed, the softer it will get. They are ready to make their debut. This video shows just how easy it is to put on one of my custom fitted slipcovers.