2017 Refocus

I’ve decided I am really not that fond of the word “resolution”.   I’ve heard it now for over forty-five years (not counting my first ten years where I probably didn’t really care) and it’s starting to feel a little monotonous and meaningless.   It sounds so concrete and definite that I have “resolved” to do something and finish it.  There’s nothing wrong with that but that’s not how I roll lately.  I am trying to be easier on myself  and the word “goal” seems more appropriate and attainable, especially since goals can  be partially reached or broken into manageable pieces that you feel like you finished something and then can move onto something else.

I rather like the practice of looking back on the past year and taking an assessment of what I have accomplished and contemplate how I can do better and be better. Think of it like a camera lenses.  Sometimes the view and picture gets a little blurry or distorted especially when I get in a hurry and busy.  This is the time to zero in and refocus.

A long time practice of mine has been to write down my goals or focus points for the coming year. I usually will break them down into categories such as financial, family, marriage, health, travel, creative or projects and books to read.  I try to focus on all areas of my life and pay attention to all of them.  Sometimes we get so busy with stuff that we lose sight or focus in our lives.  This practice allows me to reset and refocus.

2017 will be the year of regrouping and refocusing. Last year was a crazy hectic year, full of ups and downs, changes, and lots of moves. I am looking forward to a calm year and ready to set some realistic goals.  So with a clear vision for the new year, I am excited and ready for 2017 and all its potential.