Part 1: Fabric

When making the decision to update your outdoor cushions, the first thing we think about is the fabric. Fabric is the piece that we see first. The part that speaks to us by it's color, texture and pattern. It's the part that also touches our emotion, whether it is by creating a sense of calm… Continue reading Part 1: Fabric


Anatomy of a Cushion

What a couple of years it has been! Since I moved to the lake full time (and also moved my business here) I've been making cushions nonstop. Of course it makes sense. We live at the lake and there are plenty of docks, porches and decks to furnish and refurnish as the cushions blow away,… Continue reading Anatomy of a Cushion

Cushions, Slipcovers

A Squirrely Scenario

Squirrels.  They can be fun to watch with their jerky little movements and bushy tails, nibbling on acorns that have fallen from the trees.   We almost even resolve to the fact that they will eat the bird food from our bird feeders, though not without a fight and attempt at so-called squirrel-proof feeders. But who… Continue reading A Squirrely Scenario