Cushion Revival

Even in the midst of a pandemic (probably more so) we are looking around our house and noticing things we want to do to make them more cozy. Being confined to our homes has prompted us to jump start those “some day” projects into “now”. Maria and her husband were well on there way to transitioning their home from a dated 90’s gold and floral color scheme to a very relaxing and modern navy blue, white and khaki one. Part of this process was converting their sunroom’s wicker furniture linen gold and floral cushions into more of a blank canvas that would transition and flow flawlessly from the living room to the sunroom.

We would need lots of yardage and it would need to be washable. So I pulled out my Carr Textiles color charts and we found the perfect twill, Fullerton Bull Denim Twill in Stone. At only $7 a yard, this medium weight 10 oz washable fabric was the perfect choice.

Since I’ve have been hauling cushions back and forth to my workroom at the lakehouse during the pandemic to work on, I needed to be conscious of how much I could fit in my vehicle.   So I hauled one cushion of each type: one “L” shaped seat cushion, one “T” shaped seat, the ottoman cushion, and one of each type of top cushions to my lake house workroom to get to it. Thank goodness as I had quite the haul to bring back this time. I took a few orders for cushions over the phone and sort of lost track of just what I had to stuff back into the truck when we made the next trip in a month.  It was tight but we got it all in!


Though the bottom cushion inserts were still in fantastic shape, the top cushions needed a little more work. The interior “paper” cases were so deteriorated that if you tried to stuff them, your fingers would go right through them. I made new muslin covers, re-stuffed the cushion top and stuffed them back into their new covers. Big difference!

This color was a perfect pick to compliment the wicker color and flows perfectly from the navy living room. I just love the khaki and navy blue combination. 


She has plans for a new rug and accents but it’s a great start and perfect backdrop.  

There has been a little change in my business that I will share in my next blog post.   Until then, stay safe…